The Able Cyclist

For me an adventure by bike knowing I have the skills needed to handle any issues that may come up is one of the most satisfying ways to spend a day. I’ve taught cycling related classes and clinics over the years in all kinds of places. I’ve always wanted a dedicated professional place where I could focus specifically on teaching those skills. A few years ago I began planning exactly that and this month it’s a reality. The Bicycle School will offer professional instruction to anyone wanting to enhance their cycling experience.

Classes will begin in December, schedules and pricing can be accessed from the website. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on events. We’ll be having an open house this month and there will be an opportunity to win tuition free entry into one of our professional classes during the open house. We’ll be adding to our selection of classes and clinics as the seasons change.

I’m so glad to have Josh and Sarah involved. They’re not only great mechanics they’re avid cyclists and great friends.

We love bicycles and our goal is to share the knowledge and skills we’ve gained through decades of passion and hard work in the bicycle industry with our students.



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