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Happy New Year!

No better way to kick off the year than a CX ride. I was able to take off on the 2nd and got a great Urban Cross ride in around town.

I’ve had a lot of good feedback from students over the last several weeks and a common suggestion was to put up a calendar so I’ve set up a google calendar with all the current class dates and times. Follow this link:

If you find a date you’re interested in go to the website and click any Enroll Now button then select the class you want from the Register for a class drop down and you’ll see the specific dates.

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It’s been a great first month

December classes are going well. We have one spot available in the Bicycle Maintenance class on December 15th 6 to 9pm.

The full class schedule for January is available on the website.

Two of our most popular

Bicycle Maintenance classes are 2 to 3 hours and cover all the specific techniques to keep your bike clean and properly lubed in addition to providing students with service interval guidelines for all major components.  We have spots available for the Jan 3rd, 5th, 17th and 19th.

The Able Cyclist is a full 2-day in depth class where we teach the proper techniques of maintaining and adjusting all major bicycle components including basic wheel trueing. You leave with an unique understanding of modern bicycle components, bearings, wheel systems and the proper use of specific tools of the trade. There’s a great feeling you get knowing you can take care of your bicycle and have the skills needed to keep your ride going. We have spots available for the January 6-7th, 13-14th, 21st-22nd, 28th-29th.

Is there a cyclist on your Holiday gift list? Gift certificates are available for all of our classes. Contact for details.

What our students are saying about The Bicycle School.

“Dear Tim,

I really thought it was a great class, very well structured and I was definitely left wanting more at the end of day two.

I felt your approach on how to cover the material was well thought out and in turn super beneficial from a students perspective. I loved the way you simplified the information and tools involved in bicycle mechanics. The industry jargon (and compatibility issues) can be intimidating and you manage to strip that away and focus in on the key information. This method provided me with a better understanding of the concepts and more confidence to apply them.

The small class sizes were especially helpful as it wasn’t intimidating to ask questions.

The class pace and amount of breaks was well executed, as was your flexibility to work within a person’s daily capacity for learning.

Thank you again for the wonderful experience. I look forward to attending Bicycle School classes in the future and spreading the word! 

You’re an excellent teacher!”

“I had the opportunity to attend The Able Cyclist Course offered here at The Bicycle School! I have to say I’ve learned so much about bicycles, parts and settings… types of tires, tubes, spokes, bracing angles… how to change inner tubes, align tires and truing wheels, types of breaks.. disc & pad, chains, cassettes, bike speeds combinations, inner plates outer plates, bike performance, component compatibility… bike maintenance/tune ups which included derailleur settings, barrel adjusting, break setting and so much more!

One of the best parts was the ability to bring my own bike along so I could relate what I learned to my bike and putting it all together. I enjoyed the hands on experience of replacing bar tape… I did a pretty good job…

Our Instructor Tim Patterson’s many many years of experience & knowledge made this a successful class not only for those individuals working in the business but for me the avid cyclist. Thanks Tim!”


Bicycle Fitting

I’ve been working to get all the classroom gear and tools together over the last few weeks. Tools and learning to use them has always been one of my favorite pass times.

Growing up my dad, a mechanical engineer always had some project going on in our garage. For me it offered an opportunity to learn how to use the many tools he had. He allowed me to use them unsupervised as long as I put them back where they belonged and took care of them. That was the beginning of my love of tools and working with my hands.

Years as a framing carpenter took its toll on my body, cycling has always been a form of PT for me. As a result of my injuries I had very specific fitting needs. As an amateur racer my goal was to refine my own position to maximize my performance and aerodynamics to  allow me to do a sub 1-hour 40K time trial. I was always a fairly strong climber and all around rider but the pain of a 1 hour solo TT just wasn’t my thing. Once I worked through and balanced my position on the bike to maximize power, aerodynamics and comfort I had no trouble reaching and exceeding that goal.

Between then and now I’ve worked with and fit cyclists of all abilities, that coupled with my own experiences and limitations has helped me understand the differences in body mechanics to help people work through issues limiting their cycling potential. It’s very rewarding when I can help someone work through an issue with their fit.

Fitting is specific to a cyclists body geometry, flexibility and previous injuries. When performed properly it should take into consideration many specific things about a cyclist that machines and computers can’t currently do. If fitting were that simple we wouldn’t need a thousand different styles of saddles. There are lots of new fitting tools coming out every year but fitting is a personal interaction between the fitter and the client. Tools may help speed up the process by establishing a baseline but the fitters ability to diagnose issues the client is having require experience that tools just can’t provide.

We’ll be adding Bicycle Fitting classes to our schedule in the next few weeks. Understanding the properly fit bicycle will open up miles of comfortable efficient riding for you and your customers.





The Able Cyclist

For me an adventure by bike knowing I have the skills needed to handle any issues that may come up is one of the most satisfying ways to spend a day. I’ve taught cycling related classes and clinics over the years in all kinds of places. I’ve always wanted a dedicated professional place where I could focus specifically on teaching those skills. A few years ago I began planning exactly that and this month it’s a reality. The Bicycle School will offer professional instruction to anyone wanting to enhance their cycling experience.

Classes will begin in December, schedules and pricing can be accessed from the website. You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates on events. We’ll be having an open house this month and there will be an opportunity to win tuition free entry into one of our professional classes during the open house. We’ll be adding to our selection of classes and clinics as the seasons change.

I’m so glad to have Josh and Sarah involved. They’re not only great mechanics they’re avid cyclists and great friends.

We love bicycles and our goal is to share the knowledge and skills we’ve gained through decades of passion and hard work in the bicycle industry with our students.